n government expected the visit, which will last through March 14, could help resume the exports of beef to the EU countries, which was suspended on Feb. 1.The embargo has caused Brazil 3 million U.S. dollars in losses per day, according to Brazilian Minister of Agriculture Reinhold Stephanes.The EU deman

chickens and 290,000 eggs, and can m

ded that Brazil present a list with a maximum of 300 farms that▓ would be eligible to export beef. Initial▓ly the Brazilian authorities insisted on a bigger number of farms, but eventually bent dow▓n and came up with a list with 270 farms.T▓he European vets will examine the

ake as much ▓as 1 million yuan.Th

operation of Sisbov (Brazilian System of Identificati▓on and Certification of Origin for Bovine and Buffalo) and will visit the farms enlisted by Brazil.Controversy was aroused when Minister Stephanes admitted to▓ the National Congress last week that local slau

e farm has also become a tourist attra

ghterhouses had exported uninspected beef to the EU, which weakened Brazilian exporters in their pleas to i▓nclude more farms in the list.The so-called "rura▓list group" in the Congress, composed of federal deputies that favor the interests of the country's farme▓rs, propo

ction for people from the cities.▓ Visito

sed a bill setting up new rules for Sisbov an▓d asked for suspension of bilateral agreements with the EU as the embargo lasts, for they beli▓eved that the EU is building obstacles in order to d▓efend their own interests in beef production.Foot-and-mouth: Fresh cattle culling

rs can enjoy the grassland scenery as well as

in UKThe Ankole Long Horned Cows are at the precipice of ▓extinction in Uganda, even though the breed is listed as heritage assets that the co▓ntemporary man has inherited from legendary an▓cestors.More conservation efforts needed for Uganda's long horned Ankole

freshly-cooked chicken and eggs.Hu

cowsMore conservation efforts needed for Uganda's long horned Ankole cows07-09-2018 10:46 BJTBy Sibasi Timothy, Feature Writer based in Kampala, UgandaThe Ankole Long▓ Horned Cows are at the precipice of extinction in Uganda, even though the breed is listed as herita

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ge ▓assets that the contempor

ary man has inherited from legendary ancestors.The threat of extinction has been precipitated with the globalization and technolo▓gy of artificial insemination, which local herdsmen have started to embrace after learning that people with Friesians are earning more money.It's believed that long horned

nd cattl

, can alleviate poverty.

Sakura Haruno

e drive through downtown De▓nver. It featured over 40 Longhorn cattle,

at is worrying many scientists. "It is about survival. If there is anyone still keeping the Anko▓le cows it is because of prestige, but not because of mil▓k or commercial benefits," said Allan Turyagumanawe, ▓herdsman in Luwero District.The exotic breed, or Friesian, is becoming a darling to many cattle keepers, and those who have small pieces of land opt to do▓ away with the long horned Ankole cows to pro

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tle invades downtown DenverPlea▓se scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramP?/a>

f extinction can be witnessed while on tour in Ugan▓da, since most farms along tourist routes contain t▓he exotic ones compared to indigenous long horned Ank▓ole cows.Exacerbating factorAccording to a report by ▓the Pastoral and Environmental Network in the H▓orn of Africa (PENHA), indiscriminat▓e cross-breeding of Ankole long-horned cattle with different▓ exotic cattle has harmed the species. Peop▓le worry there

Naruto Uzumaki

y snow kills over 8,000 cattle in northwest ChinaHeavy snow has ki▓lled m

smaller pieces of land, produce plenty of milk and meat a▓nd generate higher income. However the exoti▓cs are very vulnerable to the harsh environmen▓t and the management costs are very high as the exotics need special fodder and care. Accordingly in the long term, they are not as commercially viab▓le as they appear.Due to several changes, including in▓creased population, a lot of grazing range land has been

egion. The

cultivated and some

of it gazetted for wild life conservation and this has complicated the life o▓f pastoralists they no longer have unrestricted access to wide areas of grazing l▓and. Therefore, Ankole cattle keeping pastoral communities have resorted to selling off a significant portion of their herds of indigenous cows, and clearing bush land, so they can graze smaller her▓ds of exotic breeds and

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hybrids, which can be managed o▓n a small acreage and yet produce more milk. Some good newsDr. Nicholas Kauta, commissioner in char▓ge of livestock in Uganda, believes A▓nkole cattle would not become extinct. He argues that even if farmers abandon th


e local breed, veterinarians will preserve it in a gene bank. ;The Entebbe-based National Animal Genetic Resource Centre and Data Bank has been storing sperms from bulls of the Ankole breed for breeding purposes. Also, the Ankole l▓ong-horned cow is better adapted to semi-arid co

in Yili K

nditions. According to Carlos Ser, the Director General of the International Livestock Research Institute, the reliance on exotic animal bree▓ds poses a high risk because they cannot cope w▓ith unpredictable fluctuations in the environ▓ment or disease outbreaks

azak Auton

when introduced in some developing countries such as Uganda. Information available on the website of the Pastoral Environmental Network in the horn of Africa also maintain▓s that Ankole cows can endure seasonal movement and do not require expensive investments in water points and vete

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a▓ys beef fro

rinary care -- making it the

backbone of the pastoral

economy.In the FAO report, scie▓ntists pointed out that during long droug▓ht spells, some farmers that keep their hardy Ankole breeds can walk long distances to water sources, while

those who had traded Ankole

for imported breeds lost their entire herds. Strong t▓radition could helpThe conservation of Ankole is beyond mere conservation. It is an ancestral role that must▓ be adhered to. They have flowed down the chain with the descendants of their owner▓s. You find a family having a cow

whose ancestors have been in the family for around 90 years. Th▓at it&rs

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d voluntarily no▓t ship meat from older cattle.Tens of thousands of people have protested in Seoul in recent we